Welcome to my website and my world- the wilderness of the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  To locate me on a map just find Seattle, Washington on a map of North America.  You will see a large island pointing toward Seattle from the northwest.  This is Vancouver Island.  Ucluelet, my town, is located on the Pacific Ocean about ½ way up the island.

My History;

Born in Colorado in 1948, I moved to Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada in 1979.  I immigrated as an oyster farmer, thus the handle of ‘Oyster Jim’.  Soon after settling here I started talking about constructing a walking trail along this coastline.  That dream resulted in the establishment of the Wild Pacific Trail.  Please visit www.wildpacifictrail.com for more information.

I have always been interested in art, doing various personal projects mostly in wood.  I am now producing very large commercial artwork for display in locations such as airport terminals, up-scale shopping malls and various theme parks like aquariums.  I call my studio ‘Oyster Jim’s Heartwood Studio’ using my front yard as the display area.

My greatest lifetime project is ‘Oyster Jim’s Fountain of Youth Conditioning Program’.  This program was discovered and formulated over 40 years solely out of necessity.  Having accidently given myself multiple permanent disabilities as identified by medical pros, I was dedicated to restoring my body back to full function.  What I discovered on my road to full recovery was astounding!  I was to receive no answers for full restoration from the current array of fitness programs or physiotherapy prescriptions.  The only help I was offered from the medical establishment was either ‘no help’ or surgical solutions that guaranteed I would never restore full function to my body.  As simple as this sounds- the reason why I can receive no restoration answers is a most fundamental flaw in the current thinking about movement and the associated studies.  That flaw is the conscious state or paradigm.  Conscious movement is our most common mode of coping with our now flat and measured world.  I discovered that movement in what I call the ‘Automatic Paradigm’ is the only way to restore joints and regress physical age back to my perfect model- children at play.

If you are exercising in the conscious paradigm; running, walking, stationary or free equipment and various programs that provide limited range of motion, static positioning or passive balancing then you are receiving minimal benefit if at all and this program will help you.  The best part is- you can incorporate this program into your life with only small changes in habit.


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